Where did I come from, how did I get here is a universal question formed in our early child and continues throughout our lives. For it is the beginning of journey of discovering life's beginning, purpose, and meaning, and what happens after death. When children ask their parents this question, they are not only interested in the biological details of reproduction. They want to know how life began.

As of now, creation, evolution, and the ancient astronaut theory are the philosophies that satisfy human’s curiosity. However, these theories are fashioned by applying the same basic question children asks their parents.  Therefore what we believe  about life beginning, is  based on how we view the world around us.

By observing and studying nature, we either believe God created life or life evolved. The ancient astronaut theory is the combination of both.  According to this theory, man is the product of genetic engineering with alien’s DNA and primates. The aliens also gave mankind science and religion.

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If we were not curious beings, would science and religion exist?  Would any philosophies about life or debates exist about God?  Given that it our nature to question our existence and then turn to science and religion for answers, the source of human curiosity must be the key to solving this mystery.
Did the human brain evolve into the state of reasoning, or did God put this eternal desire in the heart of humanity? Or is it possible that human curiosity the result of the aliens genes?